Thursday, 21 June 2012

Six Months Update!

Salam peeps.

Today, we have 6 months left to our solemnization day. Lets make it 5 more months left for wedding preparations as the last one month will be the "pampering" month. Everything should be done by mid November. It's been a year preparation but we still have lots of things left to prepare such as door gifts, catering and so on.

Last Saturday my fiance and I went to Yayasan, Pusat Kesenian and Sumbangsih to look for kain jongsarat in grey silver. Alhamdulillah we found one in Sumbangsih that's ready made, else we have to custom made a new one and wait till November. We bought from Hikmah Enterprise and their shop is home-based in Kg. Lumapas. No more hassle waiting for the desired color to be made. Yay!!! We also managed to deposit Mutiara Ayu to confirm all our bookings and bought telekung for hantaran.

I think that's all for the 6 months update. Staytune for my next post. Insya-Allah I'll be sharing address and contact numbers if you're looking for "Kain Tenunan Brunei". I got their business cards while I was visiting their shops in Sumbangsih. So why not I  share it with you guys right??? =D

Till then. *toodles*

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