Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Creative Guestbook Ideas

Salam. Hello people. Long time no blog. =P Sorry.

 I want to have a guestbook for my wedding reception and so I did some research. It seems that I'm loving the "VINTAGE" theme.

So here are some of the creative vintage ideas I came across:

Polaroid book. Update the traditional photo album with a fun, retro feel by placing a Polaroid camera on a table along with colored pens and have your guests take shots of themselves or each other and sign or write fun notes on the bottom of the photos. You can even string up clothes lines for guests to pin their photo creations on to jazz up the reception. Later on, you can place your favorites in a photo album-type guest book or create a framed photo collage.

Fingerprint Guestbook Love this cute idea, give your guests a large pre-printed tree on which to add their fingerprinted leaves to as well as their names. An artistic and creative alternative wedding guestbook idea that will still look fab hanging in your home as art long after the day is over.

Typewriters What a great twist on the ever popular typewriter guest book! A vintage typewriter is used to create guest notes. When the guests are done typing their note, they throw the note in the waste basket! What a unique and fun idea. Just be sure the clean up crew doesn’t really think it’s trash.

Wedding Wish Tree. Guest can fill your tree up with “wish” leaves. Great for an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Postcards in a suitcase/mailbox. Ask your guests to write their messages on post cards the collect them in a vintage suitcase. This is perfect for travel-themed weddings.

Airmail Wishes for the couples. Had guests write on cards which were then enclosed in air mail envelopes in lieu of a guestbook.

Puzzle Guestbook. Have your guests write their messages on the individual pieces then collect them in a jar or box. Later on, you and hubby can have fun putting it all together!

Jenga Tower Alternative Guestbook. A simple and no-fuss guestbook alternative! Have your guests sign Jenga blocks (and remember your guests whenever you play the game).

A Wish Wall. Have your guests tuck colorful wishes into little cardboard cubbyholes. You can then transport the whole wall for decorating your home later on

Mad Libs Inspired Guestbook. This idea will take your guests way back to their school days.These are a fun way for your guests to leave a personal yet funny message. 

Unconventional Guestbook . Guests signed framed records that would be hung in the couple's home. Brides and grooms are encouraged to make their guest books personal. You'll never display a plain ole guest book, but you will hang a pair of vintage skis in your home if you're a skier or a beautiful vintage book. Get creative!

Chalkboard Message in Photobooth. Cut-out bubble shapes and coat it with chalkboard paint. Place them by your photo booth and let your guest write a short message before having their hilarious pose infront of the camera.

Photo Frame Guestbook. Celebrate your wedding day along with loving words of your friends flanked by your chosen wedding photo. Use an acid free fine point pen to protect your guest’s messages for many years.

I think that's all for now. I'll share some more next time.

Till then. =))

Monday, 14 May 2012

Hantaran Deco


Here's another update. 

For the hantaran deco, initially we opted for Ruzz Enterprise but for some reasons we changed our mind.  Alhamdulillah, my fiance and I had settled on booking the hantaran deco with Simply Sayang instead yesterday Sunday morning. Why Simply Sayang? The artificial flowers used for deco look real and most important, the price is reasonable. We also settled on the themes. For the bride, we chose sweet baby pink theme and for the groom, we chose baby blue theme. =D

We haven't finished buying the hantaran items though. But we're going to buy the items one buy one at a time. Finally, we've done most of the important bookings except deposit sanding and berbedak attires. For my side, the rest will be settled by my mum ie caterers and doorgifts.

Next things to do on my list.. 
1) Finish off listing down guest names
2) Do research on how to do DIY guestbook
3) Research on wedding dress design
4) Research and survey on wedding bouquets
5) Survey on family and bridesmaids' uniforms
6) Construct draft for the wedding card
7) Survey bedroom deco
8) Survey a bakery place for wedding cake
9) Register for kursus nikah
10) Research on honeymoon destinations
11) Research ideas for our pre-wed video
12) Look for kain jongsarat

I'll update again next time, insya-Allah..

Till next post love.

Saturday, 12 May 2012



What do you think? Ain't they're cute? I enjoy this video so much and I LOVE IT!!! Inspired to do one. AG, please make one for us. Hehehe...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tip Atasi Perut Buncit Di Kala Majlis Menjelang Tiba


Salam. Hello again guys. Here's the tip I want to share. I got this from majalah buku "pengantin". Haha I know the title sounds funny but I just hope it's somewhat useful for some people that's having this kind of problem. This time I just post it in Malay ok? Hehe I'm so lazy to translate the article.


Minum Jus Limau 
Minumlah segelas jus limau di awal pagi sebelum anda bersarapan. Jus ini membantu membersihkan sisa makanan dan asid yang tertinggal di dalam perut anda. Jus lemon dan epal hijau juga boleh diminum bagi menggantikan jus limau, Selamat mencuba!

Elakkan Minuman Sejuk Ketika Makan
Minuman sejuk akan melambatkan proses pencernaan makanan. Inilah yang akan membuatkan perut anda menjadi buncit. Sekiranya anda seorang yang perlu minum ketika makan, ambil minuman yang panas atau suam.
Tunggu Dua Minit
Untuk mengelakkan perut buncit, anda disarankan untuk menunggu sekurang-kurangnya dua minit selepas makan untuk meminum air. Sekiranya mampu, tunggulah sehingga 5-10 minit selepas makan, Ini juga membantu sistem penghadaman untuk bekerja dengan lebih baik. Selain itu, elakkan juga untuk makan berselang seli dengan minum.

Inilah cara yang paling berkesan untuk merehat dan melancarkan sistem penghadaman. Kepada yang bukan Islam, anda boleh berpuasa dengan hanya mengambil jus buah-buahan pada waktu siang dan hanya makan lewat petang mengikut jadual yang telah ditetapkan.

Kunyah Makanan Sehingga Betul-Betul Hancur
Kunyahlah makanan anda sehingga hancur. Ini adalah peringkat pertama untuk proses pencernaan dan isyarat kepada organ untuk merembeskan jus pencernaan (enzim pankreas, asid perut dan lain-lain) untuk menerima makanan yang akan masuk.

Kombinasi Makanan
Pilihlah kombinasi makanan yang baik tiap kali anda ingin makan. Makanan terbahagi kepada 3 komponen utama iaitu karbohidrat (roti, kentang, beras), protein (daging, tenusu, kacang, soya) dan lemak (minyak masak). Ketiga-tiga makanan ini tidak baik dimakan dalam satu hidangan.

Hope this helps. Good luck!!! 

Till then. =))

Monday, 7 May 2012

Sanding Attire

Salam kamu.

It's been two weeks I didn't blog anything. Sorry for the lack of updates. Only now I have something to update. Been busy contacting and meeting vendors. Not to forget busy with family functions for the past three days.

Last two weeks I went to Mutiara Ayu Bridal Boutique to have a look on the available kain songket. I met the owner Hjh Lena. She's very friendly. Initially I opted for the colour turquoise but unfortunately it's unavailable. Hjh Lena went to KL the day after I met her to look for that colour but she couldn't find one. I was a bit frustrated. Oh well, what to do.. right?

I went again to her shop last Thursday to see new kain songket she brought from her trip. I chose a few colors and designs of kain songket and asked her assistant to keep it for me till Sunday. Only yesterday I went there with my mum and fiance to finalise. After listening to Hjh Lena's advice on which songket suits us best, we finally concluded on the blue-green. It's not turquoise but close, at least.. =P

As for the design, I haven't decided yet. But I do like the idea of combining traditional and modern. We'll see. I'm going to do some research first on the designs. We will only be discussing the design with Hjh Lena early September. It's still early to do so now.

Btw, check out on my upcoming post. I'll be sharing a useful tip for the B2Bs and G2Bs out there.