Tuesday, 17 July 2012

D.I.Y Projects

Salam peeps. Sorry for not updating for the last two weeks. Just have the time to do it. Ok, here's an update on my wedding progress.

Been busy with D.I.Y projects with the help of mom and dad.  D.I.Y stands for Do It Yourself.

Here's some of the D.I.Y projects:

1) Bunga Telur (Work In Progress)
2) Guestbook Decos & Props
3) Post Nikah Props
4) Online invitation for my English friends (This is already done! =D)

I will only reveal the outcome after the events, Patience ok? Hehe. Else, it won't be a surprise. =P

For the next post, I will share a website link where you can make the online invitation. So staystuned! Keep on checking my blog.


1 comment:

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