Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Three Months Two Days Update

Salam peeps. Long time no update. Been busy with raya and wedding stuffs.

Here's few things that I had partly settled:

1) Ordered nikah doorgifts and paid 50% deposit
2) Ordered and fully paid sanding doorgifts
3) Ordered family corsages and paid 50% deposit
4) DIY Bunga telur halfway done
5) DIY Bridesmaids' handbouquets done
6) Sent draft for wedding invitation
7) First meeting/discussion on sanding attire
8) Bought family uniforms for ladies
9) Bought kain bridesmaids
10) Bought kain and sinjang for groomsmaids

Things that need to be settled:

1) Final checking on wedding invitation and start printing asap if possible early October
2) Meet videographer on pre-wedding video soon (still need to brainstorm ideas with fiance on this)
3) Pick up nikah and sanding doorgifts and start packaging
4) Clear and renovate room
5) Full payment bedroom set
6) Buy attires and props for pre-wedding video and post-nikah photoshoot
7) Meet up with RN to discuss on pelamin theme
8) Meet up with ZZ for first fitting baju nikah and ambil-ambilan attires
9) Order paperbags for doorgifts
10) Making props for guestbook 
11) Buy lace and tudungs for bridesmaids
12) Buy family uniforms for the guys

Insya-Allah will update on this from time to time when I'm free

Till then =)

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